Mulletron™ Loose Body

Impersonating finger mullet—the most prolific inshore forage species—with uncanny realism, the Mulletron’s true-to-life profile and wedge-shaped tail is a surefire addition to any skinny water angler’s arsenal. Molded from 10X Tough ElaZtech® material to withstand strikes from the toothiest saltwater gamefish, the Mulletron can be rigged weedless on ZWG™ Weighted Swimbait Hooks or pinned to your favorite EyeStrike® or TT Lures® jigheads for a range of applications.

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Mulletron™ Loose Body
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Impersonating the most prolific inshore forage fish, the 10X Tough ElaZtech® Mulletron swimbait gifts anglers with supreme durability and maximum buoyancy for a diversity of presentations, surface-to-substrate. The Mulletron’s rounded wedge-shaped tail activates its realistic swimming action at all retrieve speeds, including extra slow for sluggish fish. Organic, true-to-life body design features natural gill plate, eye and fin detail. Back and belly hook pockets greatly simplify weedless rigging and perfect jighead alignment. Available in 3.3- and 4-inch ‘finger mullet’ sizes in the ten most popular inshore color schemes.

  • Realistic mullet profile accurately mimics the most prolific inshore forage species
  • Rounded wedge-shaped tail provides realistic swimming action at a wide range of speeds, including extremely slow retrieves
  • Lifelike body design includes lifelike gill plate, eye, and fin detail
  • Molded from ElaZtech® superplastic material for extreme durability and maximum buoyancy, allowing for top-to-bottom presentations
  • Back and belly hook pockets for weedless rigging and easy jighead alignment
  • Available in 3.3” and 4” ‘finger mullet’ sizes in the ten most popular inshore color schemes
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