TT Lures® HeadlockZ HD™

Designed in Australia and tested on brutally strong fish like barramundi and giant trevally, these heavy duty jigheads are built on rock solid custom Mustad® hooks and feature a universal bullet head shape and split grip keeper that is easy to rig with ElaZtech® superplastics and grips them securely!

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Designed to pair with ElaZtech® plastics and to hold up to Australia's brutally strong gamefish, HeadlockZ HD™ jigheads are now available in the United States through an exclusive partnership between TT Lures® and Z-Man! Built around extra heavy-duty custom Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks, anglers now can pair the toughest plastics around with equally tough jigheads. Equipped with a unique ribbed split grip keeper, HeadlockZ HD™ are engineered to be rigged easily with and to securely hold ElaZtech plastics.  A simple but versatile bullet head shape suits most any application, while each head is etched with the jig weight for easy identification during a hot bite.  Available in a wide range of sizes and weights, HeadlockZ HD are ideally suited for everything from inshore flats fishing to bluewater jigging.