Texas Eye™ Jigheads

Built with the same oversized 3D eyes as its Eye Strike® brethren, the jointed design of this innovative jighead offers increased bait action, while its heavy duty 3/0 VMC® extra wide gap hook and molded keeper allow for easy weedless rigging and rock solid hooksets.

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Texas Eye™ Jigheads
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Melding a weedless Texas rig with a free-pivoting jighead and the prominent strike target of oversized 3D eyes, the Texas Eye™ Jighead gives anglers an unbeatable one-two punch. Designed to easily shed grass and prevent fouling or snagging on wood, rock, or shell, the flat sided head and upturned line tie eyelet creates a stable jighead with a spoon-like swimming quality when paired with either paddle-tail swimbaits or straight-tail baits. The Texas Eye™ Jighead features beefy construction that makes it ideal for a variety of applications that require a snag-resistant presentation in fresh- or saltwater, from pitching baits to laydowns for trophy largemouth to plying the Louisiana marsh for bull redfish. A molded bait keeper locks ElaZtech® and other baits snuggly to the hook and prevents baits from sliding down the hook on missed strikes.