Weedless Eye™ Jigheads

Constructed with the same oversized 3D eyes and molded conical keeper barbs that make the Eye Strike® product line so popular, a heavy-duty 3/0 Mustad® hook aligns perfectly with the custom wire weedguard to provide the perfect balance between extreme snag resistance and easy hook-setting ability!

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Weedless Eye™ Jigheads
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Built with a custom wire weedguard engineered to prevent fouling or snagging when pulled through vegetation, wood, or oyster shell while still allowing for easy hooksets, the Weedless Eye™ Jighead features the same dual, conical trailer keepers and heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hook that have made the other jigheads in the Eye Strike® family so popular. Its 3/0 hook aligns perfectly with most standard inshore saltwater and bass swimbaits and jerkbaits, like the 3” MinnowZ™, 4” DieZel MinnowZ™, and 4” and 5” Scented Jerk ShadZ™, for instance.  And of course, the oversized 3D eyes—the largest possible for each jighead weight—create a prominent target and attract strikes like no other jighead, because 'Predators Strike the Eye!'