TroutTrick® Jerk ShrimpZ™

The anatomically accurate rear-facing design of this 3.5” shrimp imitation correctly mimics the backwards swimming motion of a fleeing shrimp, while its paddlefoot antennae and thin legs activate on each twitch, drawing strikes from even the most reluctant inshore species!

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TroutTrick® Jerk ShrimpZ™
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While shrimp typically swim forward in a slow motion, they move backwards quickly in sharp, short bursts when frightened or chased--and nothing gets inshore gamefish fired up like the sight of fleeing shrimp! Built with a tucked under tail, wispy legs, and twin paddlefoot antennae that activate on the retrieve to create the perfect shrimplike look, the hallmark ribbed TroutTrick® body emits vibrations that accentuate the overall appeal of this versatile crustacean imitation.  When rigged on a jighead, the TroutTrick® Jerk ShrimpZ™ is designed to be fished with sharp, short jerks of the rod and allowed to settle to the bottom on a semi-slack line to mimic this frantic fleeing motion. This bait is also ideally suited for rigging on the ChinlockZ™ or similar swimbait hooks for shallow flats, where the natural buoyancy of the ElaZtech® material allows it to float off the bottom at a perfectly natural angle to trigger strikes from redfish, seatrout, and flounder alike!