New for 2024

New for 2024

Jul 18, 2023


    • Designed by Ned Rig system developer and finesse fishing guru Drew Reese
    • Tennessee handle reduces weight and increases sensitivity
    • Position of reel can be adjusted for perfect balance (attach reel using electrical tape)
    • Built on most advanced rod blanks on the market, incorporating Toray 12K High Modulus Fiber of 50 million modulus featuring a tensile strength of over 640 Ksi
    • Super lightweight SSR guides are engineered with stainless steel frames and double swaged stainless-steel inserts for virtually impact proof performance
    • Recommended for finesse fishing applications with light line, light wire hooks, and light drag settings to maximize strikes from highly pressured fish
    • Fast action, medium light power, available in 5'4" and 5'10" lengths
    • 5'4" Medium Light Power / Fast Action – 4- to 8-lb. test line
    • 5'10" Medium Light Power / Fast Action – 4- to 10-lb. test line
    • Precisely matched for TRD™ series soft plastics and Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads

      4 inch HellraiZer graphic


        • New smaller 4" size of radical "self-walking" topwater lure designed by ChatterBait® inventor Ron Davis
        • Exclusive bladed, tail-propelled design represents a completely original surface lure category
        • Thin, elongated body, belly line tie, and weighted tail blade produce hard-cutting walking, spitting, and flashing action on straight retrieves
        • Rises to the surface and produces tremendous commotion on slow retrieves, but retains true action when burned quickly
        • Minimalist profile and feathered tail blade hook results in excellent hookup ratio exceeding that of other surface baits
        • Available in ten vibrant, fish-catching color schemes
        • 4-inch length, 3/8 oz weight

        ChatterBait Elite Evo Graphic


          • High performance, premium quality bladed jig that is the culmination of years of testing and tweaking
          • Patented direct head-to-blade connection and trademarked hex-shaped ChatterBlade®
          • Built around a 5/0 custom heavy duty needlepoint black nickel hook
          • Designed to start vibrating immediately and to produce an erratic hunting action
          • Hybrid molded split grip and wire keepers hold all types of soft plastic trailer securely and allows for easy rigging
          • Highly detailed pro-designed head paint schemes and skirt color patterns, oversized lifelike 3D eyes
          • Wire-tied 100% silicone skirting for increased longevity
          • Stainless steel blades offered in plated, painted, and glitter coated finishes
          • Available in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce weights in twelve color schemes

          HerculeZ 3 inch graphic


          • Highly detailed 3" swimbait sporting exclusive curved paddle tail design for lifelike swimming action
          • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for softbait texture and action with the durability of a hardbait
          • Heavy duty 3/0 Mustad® hooks
          • Molded around ¼-ounce zinc weight for castability and optimal sink rate
          • Auxiliary stainless wire eyelet for attaching treble or stinger hook
          • 3D eyes and hand painted color schemes
          • Ideal for a variety of fresh- and saltwater applications
          • Two baits per pack, available in eight popular Z-Man color patterns

          ChatterSpike graphic


            • Pintail baitfish profile designed for use as a ChatterBait® trailer, but also ideal for a variety of other applications
            • Segmented body and tapering tail with pyramidal cross section increase energy transmission from ChatterBait® vibration, enhancing bait action
            • Pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail surfaces increase water displacement and quivering motion
            • Constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic for extreme durability
            • Dorsal and ventral hook slots for easy weedless rigging
            • 4.5" size pairs perfectly with standard bass-size blade jigs
            • Offered in ten colors to match most popular ChatterBait® color schemes

            mulletron graphic


            • Realistic mullet profile accurately mimics the most prolific inshore forage species
            • Rounded wedge-shaped tail provides realistic swimming action at a wide range of speeds, including extremely slow retrieves
            • Lifelike body design includes lifelike gill plate, eye, and fin detail
            • Molded from ElaZtech® superplastic material for extreme durability and maximum buoyancy, allowing for top-to-bottom presentations
            • Back and belly hook pockets for weedless rigging and easy jighead alignment
            • Available in 3.3" and 4" 'finger mullet' sizes in the ten most popular inshore color schemes

            mulletron line through graphic

            MULLETRON LT

            • Reinforced top line-through harness allows bait to slide up line following the hookset, eliminating fish from using weight of bait for leverage to throw hooks
            • Rounded wedge-shaped tail provides realistic swimming action at a wide range of speeds, including extremely slow retrieves
            • Constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech® material to withstand repeated strikes from aggressive saltwater gamefish
            • Custom heavy-duty 3/0 (4.5") and 5/0 (6") sickle-shaped black nickel needlepoint hooks offer the perfect balance of strength and penetration and an excellent hook-to-land ratio
            • Perfectly balanced weighted harness and buoyant superplastic material allows the lure to maintain and upright posture on the slowest retrieves, on the fall, and even at rest on the bottom
            • Moderate sink rate, 4.5" total casting weight is 3/4 oz (1/4 oz internal lead weight), 6" total casting weight is 1-3/4 oz (1/2 oz internal lead weight)
            • Painted eyes outlast glue-on eyes most commonly found on large swimbaits
            • Available in six color patterns tuned for a variety of water and light conditions

            micro goat graphic

            MICRO GOAT

            • Twin action tails incorporate unique curved paddle tail design found on other popular Z-Man lures
            • Produces thumping action at all retrieve speeds and even on the fall
            • Ribbed body increase water displacement and trap air bubbles for added appeal
            • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction provides for extreme durability and buoyancy
            • Can be rigged horizontally or vertically to mimic invertebrates and baitfish, respectively
            • Exceptional crappie and multispecies producer for casting or slow-trolling techniques
            • Available in ten vibrant colors for a variety of multispecies pursuits

            baby ballerz graphic

            BABY BALLERZ

            • Ball tail shimmies on the fall, creates a subtle swimming action on slow retrieves, and undulates enticingly when jigged vertically
            • Hydrodynamic, pyramidal tail cross section cuts through water easily, resulting in crisp, responsive tail action on even slight rod movements
            • Ribbed belly increases water displacement and traps air bubbles for added attraction
            • Designed to pair perfectly with new Micro Shad HeadZ™ jigheads
            • Offered in ten most popular colors for crappie and multispecies applications

            micro shad headz graphic

            MICRO SHAD HEADZ

            • Custom light wire needlepoint black nickel hooks
            • Lifelike 3D eyes for added appeal
            • Molded hybrid split grip and wire keeper holds ElaZtech® softbaits securely
            • Available in 1/32 (#6 hook), 1/16 (#4 hook), 1/8 (#4 hook) and 3/16 (#2 hook) weights
            • Offered in chip resistant Pink Glow, Glow, Chartreuse and Black finishes

            gremlin graphic


            • Bulky creature bait profile spec'd out with flipping in mind, but suited for a wide range of applications including Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or shaky head style fishing
            • Ribbed body increases presence and water displacement, while trapping air bubbles and producing a softer feel
            • Twin curly tails and side appendages activate with the slightest motion, producing a subtle action and vibration
            • Constructed from new ElaZtech® 'flipping' formulation that enhances durability while allowing for easier hook penetration when hook point is embedded in body
            • Polygonal body core holds hook point securely, even when dragged through heavy cover
            • Buoyant superplastic material floats up off bottom at rest
            • Offered in eight color schemes, hand-picked by B.Lat himself

            gobius graphic


            • Custom 1/0 medium wire needlepoint black nickel sickle hook
            • Rounded paddle tail delivers subtle yet lifelike swimming action
            • Molded from 10X Tough ElaZtech® material to outlast other competitive products by a wide margin
            • Built with a split dorsal fin brush guard and structure jig lead harness to deflect off cover and allow for excellent snag resistance
            • Combination of balanced weighting and buoyant superplastic material enables tail-up posture at rest, mimicking a small baitfish feeding on the bottom
            • Hand-painted body detail and eyes for an extremely natural appearance
            • Available in 3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-ounce weights in eight vibrant colors

            trd gobyz

            TRD GOBYZ

            • Rounded paddle tail delivers subtle yet lifelike swimming action
            • Anatomically accurate sculpted body includes realistic eye, fin, and tail detail
            • Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® material offers extreme durability and allows tail to float off bottom at rest, mimicking a small baitfish feeding on the bottom
            • Designed to pair perfectly with a variety of Z-Man Ned Rig and small swimbait jigheads, including Pro ShroomZ™ and Football NedZ™
            • Available in ten color patterns ideal for swimming or dragging along the bottom in a variety of scenarios

            rattle snaker graphic

            RATTLE SNAKER

            • Two-part molded plastic design includes stainless steel insertion needle and pushrod
            • Built-in storage compartment holds extra glass rattles
            • Surgical tubing needle guard prevents accidental harm
            • Rattle Snaker® tool includes 10 glass rattles
            • Replacement rattles (10 pack) also available

            zwg graphic


            • Conical molded plastic keeper positioned on neck of hook is easy to rig and locks nose of the bait in place, enhancing hookup ratios and preventing baits from sliding down after missed strikes
            • Dual-tapered hook point maintains sticky sharpness
            • Corrosion resistant black nickel-plated finish
            • Silicone bead holds hook point in place and allows for perfect alignment without the need for Texposing
            • Slim weight profile allows baits to slide over effortlessly for easy rigging
            • Weight stamped on lead weight for easy identification on the fly
            • Available in 3/0 (1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-ounce), 4/0 (1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-ounce), and 5/0 (1/8-, 3/16-, ¼-ounce) sizes

            3.5 inch scented jerk shadz graphic

            3.5" SCENTED JERK SHADZ

            • Ideally suited for finesse applications like drop shotting or the 'moping' technique utilized by Jeff 'Gussy' Gustafson to win the 2023 Bassmaster Classic
            • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for extreme durability
            • Infused with proven Pro-Cure® Super Gel scent
            • Salt-impregnated for the perfect buoyancy to achieve lifelike horizontal presentations
            • Deep belly hook slot for easy weedless rigging and solid hooksets
            • Extremely versatile, ideal for a huge array of fresh- and saltwater applications from shallow to deep