TRD GobyZ™

A natural enticement for bass in goby-rich environments, the new 2.4-inch TRD GobyZ reinforces Z-Man’s trendsetting finesse bait lineup with a surprisingly adaptable shape. Poured with extra malleable 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic, the TRD GobyZ compresses as easily as the live version, meaning bass snap and don’t let go. Yet even after dozens of aggressive attacks, a single one of these runt-sized swimbaits is no worse for wear. Ready to roll out on your favorite smallmouth spots!

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TRD GobyZ™
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Enabled by its soft, malleable ElaZtech® body, the Ned-rig-friendly TRD GobyZ swimbait matches the texture and action of a live round goby, while also mimicking other bottom-dwelling forage, such as bullheads, stonecats, sculpin, darters and mud minnows. Anatomically accurate, sculpted body features realistic eye, fin and tail detailing; the GobyZ’ rounded paddletail delivers subtle yet natural swimming action. Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech material extends bait life and elevates tail at rest, imitating small baitfish feeding on bottom. A perfect match for Football NedZ, Finesse ShroomZ and other Z-Man Ned rig or small swimbait jigheads, the TRD GobyZ comes in ten optimized color patterns for swimming or bottom-dragging presentations.

  • Wide-bodied, Ned Rig size swimbait accurately mimics invasive round goby, as well as other bottom-dwelling forage like stone cats, bullheads, sculpins, darters and mud minnows
  • Rounded paddle tail delivers subtle yet lifelike swimming action
  • Anatomically accurate sculpted body includes realistic eye, fin, and tail detail
  • Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® material offers extreme durability and allows tail to float off bottom at rest, mimicking a small baitfish feeding on the bottom
  • Designed to pair perfectly with a variety of Z-Man Ned Rig and small swimbait jigheads, including Football NedZ™ and Finesse ShroomZ
  • Available in ten color patterns ideal for swimming or dragging along the bottom in a variety of scenarios

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