Drew's Ultimate Ned Rig Rod

Z-Man has merged the past and future of Ned rigging into a singular series of light-line, finesse lure spinning rods. Designed by finesse fishing guru Drew Reese himself, these ultra-sensitive, featherweight rods merge the original art of Midwest finesse with impeccable rod-building brilliance.

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About this product

Designed by Ned rig system developer and finesse fishing guru Drew Reese, the Z-Man Drew's Ultimate Ned Rig Spinning Rods are precisely geared for fishing Z-Man’s TRD series of soft plastics and Finesse ShroomZ Jigheads. Built around one of the most advanced rod blanks on the market, the Ultimate Ned Rig Rods feature fast actions, medium-light power ratings, and incorporate Toray 12K high-modulus fiber rod blanks with tensile strength ratings over 640 Ksi.

Drew Holding Smallmouth

Built with an innovative Tennessee-style full-cork handle to reduce weight and increase sensitivity, this unique rod has no reel seat and allows anglers to attach to the reel using electrical tape so they can adjust the position of the reel for perfect balance. Fitted with lightweight SSR stainless-steel guides for virtually impact-proof performance, the Z-Man Drew's Ultimate Ned Rig Spinning Rods are ideal for finesse fishing with light line, light wire hooks, and light drag settings to maximize strikes from highly pressured fish.

  • Specifically Geared for Ned Rigs & Micro Finesse Tactics
  • Toray 12K High-Modulus Fiber Blanks
  • Super-Lightweight SSR Stainless-Steel Guides
  • Tennesse-Style Full-Cork Handle Types

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