Pro ShroomZ™ Weedless

Couple a heavy wire 2/0 hook and an adjustable V-shaped wire weedguard with the traditional ShroomZ™ head shape, and you’ve got a snag-resistant Ned head with the strength to satisfy the most hardcore tournament bass anglers!

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Pro ShroomZ™ Weedless
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Featuring the mushroom shaped head preferred by Ned Rig enthusiasts, the Pro ShroomZ™ Weedless jighead sports a beefy, 2/0 hook sought after by serious tournament anglers for more lifting power in heavy current situations and around cover. An adjustable, V-shaped multistrand wire weedguard provides excellent snag resistance, while still maintaining an optimal hookup percentage.  Like its lighter wire Finesse ShroomZ™ sibling, this beefed up Ned head sports a welded wire keeper that makes rigging ElaZtech® superplastics a breeze and pins them securely in place. Pairing perfectly with a variety of TRD™ finesse baits, the Pro ShroomZ™ Weedless jighead is available in weights up to 1/3 oz for deep water applications.