TRD TubeZ™

A solid nose, dimpled body, thin rounded tentacles, and ElaZtech® buoyancy merge to create the perfect 2.75” tube-style profile that is ideal Ned Rig pursuits—and irresistible to bass!

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TRD TubeZ™
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About this product

Engineered with a solid nose for easy rigging on Finesse ShroomZ™ or NedlockZ™jigheads, the 2.75" TRD TubeZ™ exemplifies, quite simply, the perfect Ned Rig-sized tube bait profile that's ideal for both Midwest finesse bass and crappie fishing tactics. It's buoyant ElaZtech® makeup and thin, round tentacles cause the bait to stand up and come to life at rest, and its salted, super-soft, and dimpled body provides an incredibly natural feel to ensure longer holds and more consistent hook sets. A favorite of smallmouth anglers on lakes, rivers, and creeks alike, its 10X Tough durability ensures that the tentacles remain intact even after repeated catches!