Stealth and Soft Plastics Surgery

Stealth and Soft Plastics Surgery

Jun 17, 2024
New Product

New Z-Man® Rattle-Snaker® Tungsten SpikeZ™ add weight to any soft plastic bait

 Ladson, SC (June 17, 2024) – It ain’t about fashion statements, rebelling or raging against the machine, though it certainly relates to body modification and a little lure self-expression. For anglers, body piercing means powering up your soft plastics—adding bling to bass baits in the form of rattles and tungsten spike weights.

Specifically designed for use with the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker®, new Tungsten SpikeZ™ implant soft plastic baits with extra weight wherever you want it. Made to effortlessly embed itself into soft yet sturdy ElaZtech® superplastics via the Rattle-Snaker bait injection tool, Tungsten SpikeZ feature a conical ribbed design that grips the interior of all softbaits, locking itself in place for precision Neko rigging, as well as for customizing your hover strolling baits, Tiny Child rigs—or just to show bass and other fish a unique bait action and boosted rate of fall.

“The Rattle-Snaker and Tungsten SpikeZ are among the most valuable, must-have new fishing tools in my boat,” affirms Z-Man pro Luke Clausen, who’s used the tool to implant tiny Tungsten SpikeZ and rattles into everything from SMH WormZ™ to Scented Jerk ShadZ™.

Tungsten SpikeZ

New injectable Tungsten SpikeZ come in three sizes: 1/32-, 1/16- and 3/32-ounce.

“Inject the heads, tails or torsos of any ElaZtech bait with one or more of these little weights and show bass an array of different actions and drop-speeds,” suggests Clausen. “The Tungsten SpikeZ are a must-have Neko rig trick. But injecting ‘em into your forward-facing sonar baits lets you match the bass’ depth and attitude—a critical little tweak that produces bigtime payoffs.

“What’s especially awesome about injecting baits with Tungsten SpikeZ is that once the weight is placed, it’s locked down for good. And if you’re fishing 10X Tough ElaZtech, the weight won’t rip or tear the bait in any way. Heck, add a second or third weight if you want. The system is that good, that user-friendly with ElaZtech.”

Rattle-snaker Tool

The Tungsten SpikeZ are compatible with the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker.

Levelling up the power of any soft plastic bait, the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker effortlessly implants tiny weights or rattles in a quick, safe two-step process. Its patented tool design allows for precision insertion of Tungsten SpikeZ or rattles into bait bodies via a stainless-steel insertion needle and pushrod. Simply insert the tool’s beak into the bait’s tail, head or torso. Place a weight or rattle inside the tool’s hollow needle. Implant it in place with the pushrod and you’re immediately wired with extra weight or fish-attracting sound.

Constructed with high-density tungsten for minimal size to weight ratios, the Z-Man Tungsten SpikeZ feature a conical, ribbed shape that grips ElaZtech and conventional soft plastics indefinitely. Compatible with the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker, the injectable tungsten sinkers are available in 1/32-ounce (9-pack), 1/16-ounce (6-pack) and 3/32-ounce (5-pack) weights, MSRP $6.99. For more information visit

Tungsten SpikeZ


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