Salty Ned ShrimpZ™

When yearling shrimp are present or inshore gamefish turn negative to larger presentations, it’s tough to beat the realistic profile, quivering legs and antennae, and slight size of this 2.5” crustacean imitation, made even better by the natural buoyancy and 10X Tough durability of its ElaZtech® material!

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Salty Ned ShrimpZ™
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An industry-first saltwater specific profile for the increasingly popular Ned Rig finesse technique, the 2.5” Salty Ned ShrimpZ™ proves its mettle with selective fish in clear water conditions or on bluebird days when reds, trout, flounder, and snook turn their noses at standard size inshore offerings. A lifelike shrimp profile features thin "feeler" legs and antennae that quiver with the slightest movement. Its super soft, but incredibly durable 10X Tough ElaZtech® maximizes tail and bait movement, all while resisting ripping, tearing, and toothy attacks. Because the material is also naturally buoyant, the Salty Ned ShrimpZ™ boasts a slow sink rate and tail-rise off bottom on the pause. This finesse offering pairs perfectly with a variety of popular Ned heads, including the Finesse BulletZ™, Finesse ShroomZ™, NedlockZ™, Trout Eye™ Finesse and Texas Eye™ Finesse jigheads, making way for a host of rigging options and tremendous versatility. The Salty Ned ShrimpZ™ is available in ten of our hottest inshore-specific colors.