Power Finesse ShroomZ™

Designed to mate seamlessly with the 4” Big TRD™, these mushroom-shaped jigheads are equipped with a sticky sharp 3/0 medium wire needlepoint hook to create the perfect upsized Ned Rig when a slightly larger presentation is on the menu.

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Power Finesse ShroomZ™
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Developed with Z-Man's proven mushroom-shaped head that makes the Finesse ShroomZ™ so deadly, the Power Finesse ShroomZ™ is a scaled -up version that better handles larger baits and bigger fish, thanks namely to its medium wire, forged 3/0 black nickel hook. Finished off with a unique welded wire keeper that easily rigs and holds ElaZtech® plastics securely in place, the Power Finesse ShroomZ™ really shines when paired not just with the Big TRD™, but also the FattyZ™, Finesse WormZ™, Boar HogZ™, and SMH WormZ™.