This 1.75” invertebrate imitation features bulging eyes, a broad ribbed body, wispy legs, and a thin segmented tail that undulates seductively and draws in panfish, trout, bass, and other species that dine on insects and subaquatic larvae.

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Molded with the extra fine anatomy of an aquatic invertebrate, the 1.75” LarvaZ™ features oversized, bulbous eyes, wispy thin legs and a segmented stinger tail that moves and undulates continuously. Made to match the Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead, the LarvaZ™ is ideally suited to fishing below a bobber/float or jigged/crawled/hopped along the bottom. The highly detailed invertebrate imitation offers selective panfish and trout an unmistakable meal. Its 10X Tough ElaZtech® composition also provides natural buoyancy, maximizing tail movement and underwater loft. The LarvaZ™ is offered in eight colors that include popular panfish and trout patterns.