Finesse ShadZ™

A multispecies slayer that is absolutely deadly on smallmouth bass and walleye, the slim baitfish body, whiplike worm tail, and crazy soft and buoyant ElaZtech® material unite to create a versatile 4” offering that’s equally at home on a jighead or drop shot rig.

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Finesse ShadZ™
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About this product

The slim, shad-shaped body and thin wormlike tail that comes to life with just the slightest bit of movement make the 4" Finesse ShadZ™ ideal for drop-shotting, Ned Rigs, Damiki rigs, split shot rigs, and other finesse applications. Tested on largemouth, spotted bass, smallmouth, and walleye nationwide, they're proven performers when the bite gets tough.  A belly hook slot allows for easy weedless rigging, while the 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction ensures that nose-hooked baits won’t rip or tear like traditional softbaits.  Don’t sleep on the Finesse ShadZ™ as a trailer on the ChatterBait® WillowVibe™, either!