Micro TRD™



The incredibly effective TRD™ shape, dimpled body, and naturally buoyant ElaZtech® construction, now available in a scaled-down 1.75” Micro Finesse size that is absolutely deadly on crappie, panfish, trout, perch, bass, and more!

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Micro TRD™
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About this product

Sized to be effortlessly inhaled by crappies, panfish and all species, the Micro TRD™ features the all-time great, best selling TRD™ stickbait profile in a downsized 1.75” length. Its 10X Tough ElaZtech® composition means the bait will withstand dozens and dozens of strikes and fish-catches per bait, while the extra soft, buoyant superplastic material ascends off bottom at rest, assuring the Micro TRD™ is constantly attracting attention. The Micro TRD™ is designed to pair seamlessly with the Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads to create a miniature Ned Rig that is equally as effective as its larger brethren. Ten colors include go-to crappie and panfish patterns such as Electric Chicken, Bumblebee and Glow Chartreuse.