Project Z™ ChatterBait® Weedless

The addition of a heavy fiber weedguard to the streamlined, fish-shaped head of our USA-made Project Z™ ChatterBait® helps it roll through brush, laydowns, and wood without snagging and come through subaquatic vegetation without fouling, enabling anglers to roll this bladed jig through otherwise unreachable heavy cover!

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Project Z™ ChatterBait® Weedless
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About this product

Sporting the same proven, tournament-winning design, streamlined head shape, and upgraded componentry as the standard Project Z™ ChatterBait®, the addition of a heavy fiber weedguard prevents snagging and fouling around wood, brush, docks, grass, and laydowns. Armed with premium components like a 5/0 custom long shank VMC® needlepoint hook, super strong quick-clip line tie, stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade®, and 3D eyes, this weedless bladed jig helps you boldly go where no ChatterBait® has gone before—and come back with a giant bass attached!