Things that Go Slink in the Drink

Things that Go Slink in the Drink

Jun 25, 2024
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New Z-Man® Micro WormZ™ is now available for trout, crappie and multispecies panfish action

Ladson, SC (June 26, 2024) – Fish dig ‘em. And yet, the same creepy crawlies that provoke piscine cravings can induce the old fear factor in humans. Ponder those squishy soft, slinky critters that writhe and ripple and freak us out with their eerie tail-whipping motions. But put one of these worms on a hook and you’re nearly guaranteed to get your rod bent.

It's the same cause and effect created by the Z-Man® 2-inch Micro WormZ™, a new, elevated-action bait that comes back to the bank or boat stuck to the jaws of some pretty cool fish. A true-to-life aquatic invertebrate, the subtle, lively Micro WormZ gets aggressively chewed by selective trout, plus big crappies, bluegills, perch and heavily pressured bass (think BFS) in abundance. Somehow—and yet seemingly in direct conflict with its malleable, mobile body—a single Micro WormZ fishes with all the energy and endurance you’ve come to expect from ElaZtech® superplastics.

Even while some anglers assume gamefish never see live worms in the wild, the underwater realm tells the real story. The world’s freshwater environs are home to nearly 200 species of aquatic worms, alien-like critters like turbellarians, nematodes and oligochaetes (Oh, my!). Add in little larval chironomids, caddis and mayflies and hundreds of other wee wormlike beasties and it’s no wonder fish are so well acquainted with the ways of the worm; all these critters are easy to chomp, kind on the palate and packed full of energy.

But why not ditch the Styrofoam tubs and put an end to worm poop under your fingernails?

Micro WormZ

The lively new Z-Man Micro WormZ tricks big, selective trout.

Crafted in the USA with Z-Man’s exclusive ElaZtech superplastic, the new Micro WormZ represents the latest critter in the trending Micro Finesse system. Endowed with a slender, segmented body—telltale egg sack included—the soft little annelid imitation offers versatility and fish appeal to the max.

Exhibiting an intriguing, rare set of tackle talents, the Micro WormZ is both remarkably durable and squishy soft at the same time.

The softbait’s wormlike anatomy starts with a meatier head section for quick, easy rigging on a Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead. The Micro WormZ’ resilient body also enables single-hook wacky- or dropshot rigging, all but eliminating those pesky tears in the bait.

Now add buoyancy to the equation— the bait’s other superpower— and you’re immediately wielding the next best thing to a live worm. Consider the possibility of passive action—the Micro WormZ' ability to move by itself—and you begin to understand its allure. It’s that seemingly contradictory combination of angling advantages only possible via Z-Man’s proprietary superplastic. 

Micro WormZ

Ten top trout and panfish patterns highlight Z-Man's new 2" Micro WormZ multispecies bait.

Underwater, on a jighead, the bait’s tail rises off bottom at rest and ripples like a flag in the breeze. Exhibiting another of its rare fish-catching advantages, the Micro WormZ leans on its buoyant personality to hover in the water instead of dropping into the substrate and disappearing from sight like traditional soft plastics.

Energy from the rodtip or fishing line transmits directly to the Micro WormZ’ thin, elongated tail, which twitches and undulates unceasingly. Whether fish interpret it as an aquatic worm, larvae or leech almost doesn’t matter, as such organic action indicates living, breathing food.

“It’s nearly impossible to stop the Micro WormZ from shaking its tail,” suggests Z-Man Brand Manager Ryan Harder, a confirmed crappie and trout sneak. “Grab the bait by its head and hold still. No matter how hard you try, the little bait’s wispy tail simply never stops quivering, vibrating, and breathing. Even when you try to deadstick it underwater, where micro currents continuously play across the bait’s body, the little WormZ keeps kicking, fishing almost exactly like livebait.”

Micro WormZ

Harder discusses the bait’s on-the-water success: “In testing, we put the Micro WormZ in the toughest conditions we could think of—big selective stream trout—and it just kept getting bit, exceeding even our own expectations,” he explains. “Even when rainbow, brook and brown trout are focus-feeding on specific insect hatches, the Micro WormZ continues provoking strikes, because is simply looks and behaves like a living bite of food.” The new microbait’s innate buoyancy and tireless tail-quivering action combine to precisely mimic a live worm drifting helplessly in current, attempting to slink and undulate its way to safety.

Presented on a 1/10- to 1/30-ounce Micro Finesse ShroomZ jighead, the Micro WormZ excels in every freshwater environment, eaten by a life list of predatory species—selective trout and pressured bass to perch, sunfish and big crappie. Fish it as is or trim the bait’s head for an even more compact presentation. Hover and twitch the bait under a float, wacky rig or a dropshot or simply cast and dart it along bottom . . . the Micro WormZ oozes with versatility and creepy, crawly attraction.

Delivering unmatched action, soft texture, lifelike buoyancy—and the toughness to withstand countless bites—the multitalented Z-Man Micro WormZ is the top utility player in your “micro” box. Offered in 10 choice color patterns— from Hot Chartreuse and Bubble Gum to natural Green Pumpkin and Yoga Pants— the Micro WormZ is available at retailers now or at (MSRP $4.99 per 8-pack).

Micro WormZ

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