Texas Eye™ TeXL Jigheads

Upsized and armed with a heavy duty 5/0 VMC® extra wide gap hook and extra-large 3D eyes, this swinging hook jighead is built to fit larger 5” to 7” ElaZtech® softbaits, offering the same increased bait action and easy weedless rigging as the popular Texas Eye™ Jighead.

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Texas Eye™ TeXL Jigheads
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A supersized version of Z-Man's popular pivoting Texas Eye™ Jighead, the Texas Eye™ TeXL Jighead is built with the same swinging hook template, yielding accentuated bait action and quick, easy weedless rigging. King-sized 3D eyes dominate the jighead and provide a glaring strike target. The TeXL Jighead's heavy duty 5/0 VMC extra wide gap hook incorporates a molded bait keeper that locks baits securely in place. An ideal size match for large ElaZtech® baits like the 5" DieZel MinnowZ™, 6" SwimmerZ™, 5" Scented PaddlerZ™ and 5" and 7" Scented Jerk ShadZ™ for numerous fresh- and saltwater species. Texas Eye™ TeXL Jigheads offered in 3/8 and ½ ounce weights with Red, Pearl or Gold 3D eyes.