Pop FrogZ™

Our proprietary super-buoyant ElaZtech® material allows this 4” popping frog to float on the surface—even when rigged with a heavy gauge hook—where its cupped face and paddle feet can spit, chug, and gurgle when twitched on top!

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Pop FrogZ™
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Popping, gurgling, and pushing water with each rod twitch, Pop FrogZ™ float and maintain a horizontal profile—even when motionless on the water—thanks to their buoyant ElaZtech® construction. Its deeply cupped face spits and chugged even with the slightest movement, and the unique hybrid curly-paddle tail legs create incredible swimming leg making this one of the most versatile baits on the market for surface feeders. And, unlike other topwater toads on the market, the 10X Tough superplastic material resists ripping and tearing, preventing hooks from ripping through their throats and withstanding repeated strikes not just from bass but also from toothy predators like pike and snakeheads. Take your topwater fishing to a whole new level with the Pop FrogZ™!