Mag FattyZ™

A scaled up, 7.25” version of the popular FattyZ™, this magnum size worm sports is the go-to bait for a number of Z-Man’s tournament pros whenever a big bite is needed and money is on the line!

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Mag FattyZ™
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About this product

A staple bait for Z-Man pros Stephen Browning and Luke Clausen, the Mag FattyZ™ is a scaled-up version of the popular 5" FattyZ™ worm that is ideal for a variety of bassin' applications nationwide. Its thick, solid body can easily hide the point and barb of a 5/0 flipping hook, and the tail necks down thin before transitioning into a bulbous tail that swings on the shake, triggering strikes. This extremely versatile addition to the ElaZtech® worm lineup can be rigged on a magnum shaky head, dragged along the bottom on a Texas or Carolina rig, or pitched around cover and is a go-to bait for our pros when a big bite is needed!