Abby Abbondanza

Key Stats


Greensburg, PA 

Favorite Techniques:

Finesse baits for smallmouth bass 


Qualifier for the Hobie BOS Tournament of Champions in 2022 & 2023

Career Accomplishments:

Hobie BOS Trail:

KY Lake- 3rd place finish/ qualified for 2023 Hobie BOS TOC

Harris Chain- 20th Place Finish

Susquehanna River- 5th Place Finish

Wolf & Fox River- 11th Place Finish



1 First  Place Finish

16 Top 10 Finishes

5 Top 20 Finishes

Off-Water Activities:

Performing country music across the U.S.

About Abby

Admittedly, confirmed kayak bass junkie and country music frontman Chris "Abby" Abbondanza is a pretty cool name for a musician—or a competitive angler. In 2006, Abby and his PovertyNeck Hillbillies bandmates produced a hit single, "Mr. Right Now," which held the #2 spot on GAC's video chart for fifteen weeks straight. These days, Abby's out touring on his own, kayak typically in tow, ready to hit the water at a moment's notice. A top angler on the national Hobie BOS kayak bass series, Abbondanza has been a Z-Man Ned rig and ChatterBait(R) fan long before he ever joined the official ProZ team.

A native of Western Pennsylvania, Abby still lives within a few hours of Lake Erie, where he frequently employs small boat strategies for mega smallmouth bass. Among his more intriguing bass tricks, Abby likes to nose-hook a Finesse TRD™ onto a dropshot rig—a decided departure from traditional Ned rigging. When he does tie on a Ned rig, Abbondanza's style again deviates from convention. He's a big fan of the NedlockZ™ EWG, which helps him present a Baby GOAT, TRD or Bang StickZ cleanly across rocks or and through grass and brush.

Up next for Abby? We're hoping to hear a new tune about kayaks, bass and the life of a nomad angler.

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