Micro Multispecies Baits Meld Endurance with Next-Level Action

Micro Multispecies Baits Meld Endurance with Next-Level Action

Jun 19, 2023

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Baby BallerZ bait in the mouth of a crappie

Micro Multispecies Baits Meld Endurance with Next-Level Action

Z-Man® foritfies its ingenious Micro Finesse™ system with a trio of new products


 Ladson, SC (June 19, 2023) – When's the last time you caught 50, 100 or more fish—all on a single panfish-sized softbait?

Chances are, if you've ventured to cast Z-Man's enchanting Micro Finesse™ baits, you've set the hook on similar rewards right out of the gate; that a single Shad FryZ™, Tiny TicklerZ™ or Micro TRD™ tricks livewells full of crappie, perch, sunfish, trout—even bass—all without incurring injury or sacrificing their energetic little ElaZtech® tails.

You learned that bait softness, action and durability are far from independent talents; that Micro Finesse baits derive their underwater energy and always-quivering action from the material itself—softer, livelier and somehow tougher than any other panfish-sized bait you've fished.

Perhaps you also discovered that the natural buoyancy of Micro Finesse baits effects a slower rate of fall; it's enabled you to tie on heavier jigheads for longer casts while still retaining that leisurely, seductive drop-speed. This same buoyancy makes ElaZtech baits hover naturally, horizontally at rest. On bottom, Micro Finesse softbaits stand up, tails waving easily at any fish in the neighborhood—almost as if the baits fish themselves.

This year, further rewarding its expanding multispecies fanbase—and fulfilling new angling niches, every day— Z-Man has boosted its inventive Micro Finesse system with a trifecta of special baits and jigheads:

2" Baby BallerZ™ - Sized and shaped to match baby shad and other natural crappie/panfish forage, the Baby BallerZ is powered by a hydrodynamic, pyramidal tail section that responds to the slightest rod movement. Its 'wrecking ball' tail shimmies, thumps and undulates on the fall, or creates a subtle swimming action on straight, slow retrieves. Versatile profile is perfect for flippin', dippin', casting or shooting boat docks. Displacing more water and emitting extra air bubbles, the Baby BallerZ' paints a vivid image on live sonar screens.

Enhancing its naturally soft ElaZtech texture, the Baby BallerZ' fine, ribbed body increases bite retention. '10X Tough' construction yields unrivalled durability with malleability and buoyancy in abundance. Designed to pair perfectly with Micro Shad HeadZ jigheads. Ten vibrant colors match clear to dirty water, including powerful glow-in-the-dark patterns. MSRP $4.99 per 8-pack.

Baby BallerZ in the color Electric Chicken

New Z-Man Micro Finesse 2" Baby BallerZ.

1.75" Micro GOAT™ - A wonderfully versatile panfish-catching profile, the Micro GOAT sprouts fine, flattened dual kicker legs, finished with water-catching curved paddletails that tirelessly pulse and swim at any retrieve speed, including during the drop. The Micro GOAT's ribbed body amps up water displacement and air bubble emissions for surplus vibration and visual appeal.

The micro creature's extra soft ElaZtech texture promotes effortless swimming and thumping action. While this same 10X Tough material resists tail bite-offs from smaller nuisance fish. Material's natural buoyancy also allows the Micro GOAT to hover in a lifelike horizontal posture, especially effective under a bobber. (TIP: Add a crappie minnow to show fish a mouthwatering three-headed monster.)

A superior casting, drifting and trolling bait, the Micro GOAT can be rigged flat (think micro crayfish) or vertically, for faster swimbait-style retrieves— twin legs scissor-kicking and attracting boatloads of crappie, perch, trout and other panfish. Compatible with Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ or Micro Shad HeadZ™ jigheads. Ten vibrant colors include powerful glow-in-the-dark patterns. MSRP $4.99 per 8-pack.

Micro GOAT in the color Green Pumpkin

New Z-Man 1.75" Micro GOAT.

Micro Shad HeadZ™ - Featuring a hydro-contoured minnow-shaped jighead, the Micro Shad HeadZ is made to match Z-Man Micro Finesse baits. Armed with a light-wire, needlepoint black nickel hook, the Micro Shad HeadZ pins ElaZtech soft plastics tight, thanks to a hybrid molded split grip and wire trailer keeper. Spherical 3D eyes increase visual strike appeal. Offered in 1/32- (#6 hook), 1/16- (#4), 1/8- (#4) and 3/16-ounce (#2) sizes in chip-resistant Pink Glow, Glow White, Black and Chartreuse.

Micro Shad HeadZ jighead

New Z-Man Micro Shad HeadZ.

Even if you've spent a lifetime casting conventional soft plastics, you can't fully prepare yourself for the delightful advantages of Micro Finesse—or its seemingly extra-terrestrial softbait formula that stretches reality to fish catching extremes.

Experience Z-Man's full spectrum of Micro Finesse baits—including the Micro TRD™, Tiny TicklerZ™, StingerZ™, Shad FryZ™, LarvaZ™— and new Baby BallerZ, Micro GOAT and Micro Shad HeadZ at ICAST's On the Water event, Tuesday, July 11. Or see us at ICAST booth #4808 for a sneak peek at this category defining series of soft, durable, ever-lively panfish baits. New Z-Man Micro Finesse baits and jigheads will be available beginning in October. Pioneers in the development and formulation of ElaZtech, Z-Man offers the only next-generation superplastics designed, perfected and crafted in the USA.

Micro Shad HeadZ jighead with Micro Finesse bait in a fishes mouth