Project Z™ Football Jig
Project Z™ Football Jig
This perfectly designed football jig features a wide head that minimizes snagging along with a flat face that slams into rocks and kicks up silt to create maximum fish-attracting disturbance. Couple that with the unique action, textured feel and natural three-dimensional look of the Z-Tex™ silicone skirt material and a wide gap Mustad® hook, and you've got a jig that's certain to call in big bass and keep them buttoned up.
  • Made in the USA featuring quality components
  • Z-Tex™ EZ Skirt® creates vibration, traps air bubbles on the descent, and gives the jig a more lifelike three-dimensional look
  • Unique custom keeper design holds ElaZtech and traditional plastic trailers securely
  • Ideally paired with BatwingZ™ jig trailers
  • Available in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce weights
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