BTB™ FlatZ Jig
BTB™  FlatZ Jig
Size: 1/4oz
BTB = Better Than Bucktail - a modernized, upgraded version of the venerable bucktail jig, featuring brilliantly colored silicone skirts and super sharp black nickel hooks. The BTB FlatZ Jig is designed for targeting redfish, seatrout, flounder, snook, and small tarpon in skinny water, but like the traditional bucktail jig, is perfect for a host of other applications as well. Fish it naked or tip it with your favorite live bait, cut bait, or soft plastic artificial, and hang on!
  • Premium heavy-duty, black nickel 2/0 saltwater grade hooks
  • Patented "cap wrap" style silicone skirts in color patterns matching Z-Man's most popular inshore saltwater baits
  • Heads are custom painted to match skirt colors
  • Double-barb trailer keeper to hold soft bait trailers securely
  • Pair perfectly with a variety of artificial and natural baits
  • Available in 1/4 oz weights in 6 color schemes
Please click the thumbnails below to navigate the color options.
Smoky Shad
New Penny
Rootbeer Gold
Space Guppy