Swimmin' TroutTrick®
Swimmin' TroutTrick®
Size: 3.5in
Mating the signature ribbed body of the TroutTrick® with Z-Man's exclusive curved paddle tail creates a unique bait with lifelike swimming action that attracts bites from not just seatrout, but a variety of fresh-and saltwater gamefish including redfish, flounder, snook, small tarpon, stripers, bass, and more! Paired with a Trout Eye™ jighead, the Swimmin' TroutTrick is fast becoming a go-to bait for inshore anglers across the Southeast and Gulf coasts.
  • Hallmark TroutTrick® ribbed body and exclusive curved paddle tail produces vibrant, undulating swimming action
  • Designed for seatrout, but versatile 3.5" profile and lifelike movement makes it an ideal choice for bass, redfish, flounder, snook, stripers, and more
  • Sized perfectly for the Trout Eye™ jigheads, creating the perfect pairing for specks and other inshore species
  • 6 10X Tough ElaZtech baits per pack
  • Made in the USA
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Pearl Blue Glimmer
Pumpkin/Chartreuse Tail
Plum/Chartreuse Tail
Strawberry/White Tail
Rootbeer/Chartreuse Tail
Bad Shad
Opening Night
Mood Ring
Ralph's Shad
Sexy Mullet
Fried Chicken
Shrimp Po' Boy
Green Lantern
Margarita Lime Chicken
Electric Chicken
Iguana Dacquiri
Creole Croaker
Purple Death