StreakZ™ Curly TailZ
StreakZ™ Curly TailZ
A fat minnow body and tapering, curly tail enable the StreakZ Curly TailZ to produce a unique and lifelike swimming action. Extremely versatile, these baits can be rigged in a variety of manners and fished with a straight, slow retrieve, erratic jerking action, or anything in between.
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction holds up to even toothy gamefish
  • Actual size 4" (tail extended)
  • Fat-minnow body tapers to a curly tail for a unique action with plenty of tail movement
  • Pairs perfectly with Trout Eye™ or 3/0 HeadlockZ™ HD jigheads
  • Belly hook slot and groove in back allows for easy weedless rigging
  • 5 baits per pack
  • Made in the USA
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Electric Chicken
Space Guppy
Baby Bass
New Penny
Bad Shad
Opening Night
Pink Glow
Motor Oil
Nuked Chicken Glow
Mood Ring
Red Shad
Bleeding Banana
Coconut Ice Glow
Golden Boy
Midnight Oil
Hot Chartreuse