QuadZilla™ 4-Arm Spinnerbait
QuadZilla™ 4-Arm Spinnerbait
Size: 7in
Z-Man's revolutionary QuadZilla collapsible four-arm spinnerbait emulates the look of a school of baitfish without the weight, cost, and hassle of an umbrella rig. Keeled to run upright and true on every cast and far more weedless than multi-hook rigs, it's also light enough to be used with spinning tackle or in shallow water to suit the needs of amateur anglers, or those who wish to use lighter tackle. Finally, the matching silicone head slides up and down the spinnerbait arms for easy collapsibility and storage when not conquering the host of monsters it battles!
  • Creates the look of schooling baitfish without the weight, hassle, and cost of an umbrella rig
  • Light 3/8 ounce head and 3/4 ounce total weight make it easy to cast all day, even with spinning tackle
  • Great for shallow water fishing
  • More snag-resistant than traditional umbrella rigs, ideal for throwing around grass, laydowns, and other cover
  • Perfect for amateur anglers or those who want to emulate schooling baitfish look but don't have heavy tackle needed to use an umbrella rig
  • Collapses for easy storage by sliding silicone head towards hook
  • Color matched heads and blades for a realistic look
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Sexy Shad
Chartreuse Sexy Shad
Blueback Herring
Citrus Shad