Scented PogyZ™

A 3” paddletail swimbait that mimics deep-bodied baitfish like pogies, pilchards, and pinfish to a T, the PogyZ™ is scented with Pro-Cure® Super Gel to call in gamefish from a distance and won’t easily rip or tear thanks to its 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic construction!

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Scented PogyZ™
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About this product

Anglers seeking to mimic pot-bellied inshore forage like menhaden, pinfish, threadfin, pilchards, croakers, or shad make the Scented PogyZ™ their go-to bait. Designed to be fished on a jighead or weighted swimbait hook, the PogyZ™' deep profile, segmented body, and teardrop shaped paddle tail create a tight, lifelife wiggle on slow and fast retreives alike. The addition of 100% natural Pro-Cure® Super Gel scent results in a bait that entices more violent strikes and longer holds than conventional soft plastics, and its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction ensures that it will outlast other competitive softbaits by a wide margin!