Micro Shad HeadZ™

This high-end Micro Finesse jighead sports a chiseled minnow shaped head, lifelike 3D eyes, a compact yet powerful black nickel hook, and hybrid split grip and wire keeper that holds all types of soft plastics securely. Pair with your favorite ElaZtech® Micro Finesse bait for crappie and panfish perfection!

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Micro Shad HeadZ™
Micro Shad HeadZ™
Micro Shad HeadZ™
Micro Shad HeadZ™

About this product

Featuring a hydro-contoured minnow-shaped jighead, the Micro Shad HeadZ is made to match Z-Man Micro Finesse baits. Armed with a light-wire, needlepoint black nickel hook, the Micro Shad HeadZ pins ElaZtech® soft plastics tight, thanks to a hybrid molded split grip and wire trailer keeper. Resplendent 3D eyes offer visual strike appeal. Offered in 1/32- (#6 hook), 1/16- (#4) and 3/16-ounce (#2) sizes in chip-resistant Pink Glow, Glow White, Chartreuse and Black finishes.

  • Highly detailed minnow shaped jighead designed to match Z-Man Micro Finesse series baits
  • Custom light wire needlepoint black nickel hooks
  • Lifelike 3D eyes for added appeal
  • Molded hybrid split grip and wire keeper holds ElaZtech® softbaits securely
  • Available in 1/32 (#6 hook), 1/16 (#4 hook), 1/8 (#4 hook) and 3/16 (#2 hook) weights
  • Offered in chip resistant Pink Glow, Glow, Chartreuse and Black finishes

Micro Shad HeadZ