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EZ ShrimpZ™
PRODUCTZ : ElaZtech Plastics : Unrigged EZ ShrimpZ™
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Unrigged EZ ShrimpZ™

Breaking Down The Bait

Here is everything you need to know about Z-Man's Unrigged EZ ShrimpZ™

Possessing the same deadly good looks and fish-catching prowess of its rigged brethren, the EZ ShrimpZ can serve as replacement bodies for the rigged version, or be paired separately with a jighead or weedless hook. Pairing perfectly with Z-Man's Trout Eye™, 3/0 HeadlockZ™ HD, Texas Eye™, or ChinlockZ™, they can be made even more attractive by adding Pro-Cure Super Gel scent or rattles to their body cavities.
  • Ultra-realistic 3.5" shrimp imitation
  • Segmented body for lifelike action and movement
  • Thin, short appendages for lifelike quivering movement and improved wind resistance and castability versus other shrimp imitations
  • Buoyant ElaZtech® construction allows for a controlled sink rate and causes bait to stand up off bottom at rest in a natural position
  • 4 10X Tough shrimp baits per pack
  • Made in the USA
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