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Why Choose Z-Man? by Brian Jones

There are obviously a ton of soft plastic bait brands on the market to choose from. How do you choose what goes into your tackle box? I discovered Z-Man soft plastics many years ago and want to share my opinions of why I believe using Z-Man can help you be more efficient. It really comes down to a few basic things—time and money savings. Oh, they also catch a ton of fish.

You may have never considered that a specific brand of soft plastic could actually save you time while fishing. Time spent in our passion, as we all know, never seems to be abundant enough. And, I think most of you will agree that any extra time we can create during a day on the water is worth paying attention to. Z-Man soft plastics absolutely help me save time on the water which allows me to make more casts that often times leads to catching more fish. You may ask, "How can that be?" Well, it's actually fairly simple. Think about the last time you spent a majority of a fishing day throwing any other brand of soft plastic bait besides Z-Man. What happens when you catch a fish? More often than not, you'll find yourself digging for the pack to re-rig either from losing the bait all together or because it's severely torn up. How much time did that just cost you? How many times did you go through that activity of digging and re-rigging? If you think about it, it takes easily 2-3 minutes and you're probably doing it every time you catch a fish. From the time you sit down, open the boat compartment (or tackle box), dig through your 'collection' of soft plastic bait bags, find the correct item/color, open the package, pull out a new bait, close the package, put the package away, close the boat compartment, thread the new bait onto the hook just perfect, stand up, re-position your boat and try to figure out where you caught the last fish; you've easily wasted many valuable minutes. With Z-Man, I'm back fishing in a matter of seconds. This is because Z-Man's ElaZtech material is 10X tougher than other soft plastics meaning it won't tear up after a few fish! The only thing needed, in most cases, is to straighten the bait on the hook. I very regularly use just one bait for the entire day and many, many times for multiple days in a row while catching numerous fish on the same exact bait I started with.

This brings me to my second point—money savings. Would you like to spend less money on fishing tackle or take that same money spent and actually use it to purchase a larger variety of baits? Me too. By purchasing and fishing with Z-Man soft plastics, I have been able to drastically reduce the amount of packs of baits I have to purchase and carry with me. Every single time that I let someone convince me that I just have to start throwing XYZ soft plastic because the fish are tearing them up, I always regret it for two reasons. One, I never purchase enough packages and usually run out half way through my day. And two, I get incredibly frustrated by continually losing baits and having to spend so much more time rigging. So, do yourself a favor and pick up some Z-Man soft plastics the next time you head out to wet a line.

Brian Jones

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