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Well, it's that time of year again, SPRING!!! Many of us have been frozen in for the winter, fidgeting about the springtime, ordering tackle and equipment, and drooling over everyone that lives in the southern part of the USA posting about their 8 pound bass they caught on a balmy winter day. NOW, is the time to dust off the rust, thaw out, and go FISHING.


Side Note: Make sure you use your brain when you decide to get on the lake. Use caution and safety always.

Fisherman have a natural knack for over analyzing what's going on. Be it water temp, pressure, moon phase, water clarity, etc. To me, the best thing to do is to get out on the water. Fishing is such a master puzzle and all we have to do is find the right pieces to put it together. Time on the water is invaluable. Every time you get on the water, keep an open mind to learning. The learning never stops in this sport.

Spring marks the time of year where fish need to drop off some eggs, i.e. THE SPAWN. Bass, crappie, walleye, etc. have cycles all over the country in the spawn. As water warms, there are things you can look for to increase your fish catching.

45 Degree Bank- I'm a huge fan of looking for areas like this on lakes and reservoirs because the fish can move up and down this water column all times of year. In the spawning season, look for some 45 degree banks with some rock or timber. Fish these banks a variety of ways/angles. With the water cold the fish may react to something moving - like a ChatterBait - but often times you may have to slow down as well. Z-Man has a couple great new jigs out, the CossEyeZ Flipping Jig and CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jig. Depending on what you're comfortable with, try hopping or easing these two jigs down that 45 degree bank and pair them with your favorite trailer. If the fish seem lethargic, try a BatwingZ or Punch CrawZ trailer. If you prefer a little more action while working that jig, try a Turbo CrawZ trailer on the CrossEyeZ jig.

Secondary Points- Sometimes the fish are starting to move more and get ready to spawn, but they haven't moved completely back to a spawning flat or cove. Other times the fish will be close to these areas and hang around some secondary points leading into the flat or cove. Remember, fish still have an appetite so feed them. I'm a huge fan of a Z-Man ChatterBait around these secondary points for something moving and adjusting depth of my bait or if I see fish chasing bait either with my eyes or on my electronics. Try not to get your boat right up on the point, keep out a little off the point and cast up to it so you can find out where they are staging before heading to spawn.

Spawning Bed/Area- Sometimes you stumble up on a spawning bed/area with a flat out Toad on there. Now it's time to work that fish and convince her she needs to inhale your bait. This is a skill and tactic that can be fun and frustrating. Often times you might catch the "Protectors" of the bed off there before getting the big girl in the livewell. Big loud baits don't always do the trick during the spawn and sometimes you have to think outside the box. You can use a Shaky HeadZ paired with a Z-Man Finesse WormZ or one of my favorite baits is a Z-Man ZinkerZ. I usually wacky rig the ZinkerZ this time of year to entice fish and get a lot more bites.


The spring time is such an exciting time for fishing, but don't get fully discouraged if you don't go out and put 25 pounds of bass in the boat every day. Fishing is a learning process every time you get on the water. The best thing you can do is GET OUT ON THE WATER. Time well spent on the water is invaluable. Keep an open mind to what's going on with this master puzzle we call fishing, but also keep your tactics simple and sharpen your skills. I promise you will catch more fish, be more consistent, and have a lot more fun while out on the water.

Remember- "A Bad Day of Fishing STILL Beats a Good Day at the Office"
Nick Butler- ZMan Pro Staff

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