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Speckled Trout Tactics by Capt. C.A. Richardson

One of my favorite species to target is definitely Speckled Trout. I live to feel that tell-tale thump when a big Speck hits a lure and then follows it up with a violent head shake at the surface. And I really enjoy the fact that many of the lures in my tackle bag appeal to them, below are some of my favorites.

A 5" Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ rigged on a (5/0 1/16oz.) Mustad Grip Pin Hook, is a staple Rig of mine to catch Speckled Trout in the 1' to 3' depth range. It provides a big sub-surface profile that instigate strikes when worked with a twitch, twitch, pause retrieve. I work the Jerk ShadZ at a slow to average paced retrieve, never fast for best results. And my favorite colors are Coconut Ice and Red Bone in this category in Florida waters!

Next on my list is a top water bait. Who doesn't like the explosive strike a big Speck provides when he smacks a Mirrolure She Dog or a Z-Man Pop ShadZ. And these lures are so effective in the 2' to 4' depth range where most anglers are comfortable fishing. When I rig my Z-Man Pop ShadZ, I utilize a 6/0 Mustad Grip Pin Swim Bait Hook it gives me the gap I need to get a solid hook up. And boy, does the Pop ShadZ make fishing around surface debris (floating grass) trouble free! I've got two colors I prefer Pearl White and a dark color like Breaking Bream for contrast with the Pop ShadZ.

To round out my top three I truly rely on the Z-Man Trout Trick. This soft plastic stick bait catches Specks of all sizes and provides consistent action. It's versatile in a range of depths depending on how you rig it... T-Rigs provide shallow, weedless fishing with the Trout Trick and utilizing a Trout Eye Jig Head allows for fishing deeper zones. And honestly, I've had more 50 fish days on this lure than any other... it's money in my book. Good colors are Green Lantern, Fried Chicken and Opening Night.

By the way, these top three "Speck Lures" of mine also catch their share of redfish & snook here in Florida. I hope you find as much success with these baits as I've had the past few seasons... catch'em up!

Z-Man Pro, Capt. C.A. Richardson
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