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New Products For 2020

ChatterBait® Freedom™ CFL™
Merging the patented Z-Man bladed jig and Freedom Tackle interchangeable, swinging hook designs, this football head bladed jig opens a world of opportunity for anglers! Molded from zinc for enhanced durability and a unique sound profile, this vibrating jig that stays down even on the fastest retrieves and makes maximum bottom contact on slow dragging retrieves. The CFL is armed with a heavy-duty VMC® flipping hook, custom trailer keeper, and spider cut skirt for enhanced fish-catching ability.

SlingBladeZ™ Power Finesse Spinnerbait
A scaled-down version of the acclaimed SlingBladeZ spinnerbait, the compact 17-7 stainless LiveWire™ frame ensures maximum vibration and durability, which the concave underside of the StabilTrack™ head provides exceptional stability at all retrieve speeds. Built with premium features like a 4/0 VMC® O'Shaughnessy hook, copper wire hand-tied skirts, detailed paint schemes, jeweler quality custom blades, and a wire trailer keeper that will satisfy the needs of the most ardent tournament anglers.

Pro ShroomZ™
Featuring the mushroom shaped head preferred by Ned Rig enthusiasts and a welded wire keeper that grips ElaZtech® softbaits securely, the Pro ShroomZ sports a beefy, 2/0 hook sought after by serious tournament anglers for more lifting power in heavy current situations and around cover. Pairing perfectly with a variety of TRD™ finesse baits, the Pro ShroomZ is available in open hook and weedless models in weights up to 1/3 oz for deep water applications.

Mag ShroomZ™
An oversized version of our popular ShroomZ jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is built around a 6/0 hook that matches the new Giant TRD™ and other larger ElaZtech® baits. Ideal for targeting big fish or as a substitute for magnum shaky-style jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is a must-have for a variety of applications from skipping docks to dragging ledges and is available with either an open hook or an adjustable double wire weedguard in weights ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 oz.

Giant TRD™
Taking the Ned Rig concept to a new level, the thick-bodied Giant TRD pairs seamlessly with the new Mag ShroomZ™ to create a supersized jig-worm package with a proven, fish-catching profile that is ideal when big bass are the target. Equally suited for flipping, pitching, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs, its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction provides maximum buoyancy that allows the bait to stand up on the bottom at rest and keeps anglers fishing, not re-rigging, even after dozens of bites.

TRD TicklerZ™
The culmination of nearly a decade of testing and tweaking ElaZtech® finesse baits, the TicklerZ is arguably the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Sporting a thick, dimpled body that mates seamlessly with ShroomZ™ and NedlockZ™ jigheads, its buoyant construction and widely spread quad-tentacles cause this bait to come alive on the bottom. Designed for bass but equally effective for a variety of fresh- and saltwater species, the TRD TicklerZ is a must-have regardless of your target.

Taking a time-tested softbait profile, scaling it down to Ned Rig proportions, and building it from naturally buoyant ElaZtech® material results in a finesse bait that is a necessity for serious bass anglers. The ribbed body traps fish-attracting bubbles and provides an extra-soft feel, while its oversized appendages trigger bites as the lift off the bottom at rest. The TRD BugZ is equally suited for rigging on a ShroomZ™ jighead or a Finesse BulletZ ™weedless hook for dragging through cover.

Neko ShroomZ™
ElaZtech® enthusiasts rejoice! A stainless center wire and plastic keeper are easily inserted into Z-Man's 10X Tough softbaits, while the mushroom-shaped weight merges seamlessly with popular finesse baits like the Bang StickZ™, Big TRD™, and Hula StickZ™ to create a bulletproof Neko rig. Anglers can now easily take advantage of the buoyant properties of ElaZtech baits for this popular finesse technique while eliminating the need for o-rings and other devices otherwise needed for wacky rigging.

TRD SpinZ™
Thanks to a stainless center pin and plastic keeper, the TRD SpinZ provide an easy way to add some bling to ElaZtech® baits. Available in willow and Colorado blade configurations and armed with ball bearing swivels that allow its blades to rotate on the fall, the TRD SpinZ was designed to give Ned Rigs a flashier look but can also be used to dress up a variety of Z-Man swimbaits, stickbaits, and more. Your imagination is the limit with the new TRD SpinZ!

Bang StickZ™
Designed to be paired with the new Neko ShroomZ™ for the popular Neko rig technique, the 5.75" Bang StickZ is equally at home on shaky heads, Texas rigs, wacky rigs, and Carolina rigs. Its tear-resistant ElaZtech® construction eliminates the need for o-rings when wacky rigging, while the buoyant material and quad-tentacles cause the Bang StickZ to come alive underwater and tease even the most stubborn fish into biting.

EyeStrike® Texas Eye™ Jighead
The Texas rig re-imagined! Sporting oversized eyes that are the hallmark of the EyeStrike jighead lineup, the streamlined, flat-sided head and swinging hook design of the Texas Eye Jighead allows it to snake through cover and adds an extra shimmy to soft plastics. Armed with a heavy duty 4/0 VMC® EWG hook with a molded keeper to prevent softbaits from slipping on hard casts and missed strikes, its prominent eyes provide a strike target that fresh- and saltwater gamefish can't miss.

ChinlockZ™ SWS Jigheads
These super heavy duty EWG swimbait hooks are now available in 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 6/0 and 8/0 sizes to match virtually all ElaZtech swimbaits and fluke-style baits, in addition to the existing 10/0 and 12/0 versions dedicated solely to monster softbaits. Built on heavy wire Mustad UltraPoint hooks and equipped with a molded keeper that holds baits securely in place, these rigging hooks are as tough as the softbaits they're designed to carry. Rear-positioned belly weights keel even the most buoyant Z-Man swimbaits perfectly and provide a seductive shimmy on the fall. Don't sleep on these as rigging tools for ElaZtech worms, craws, and stickbaits either!

5" & 7" DieZel MinnowZ
Thanks to its realistic profile, hard-thumping tail, hook-hiding belly slot and split dorsal fin, and realistic wiggle, Z-Man's 4" DieZel MinnowZ has become a staple for bass fishermen nationwide. The addition of 5" and 7" sizes of this super-soft yet equally bulletproof 10X Tough swimbait will open even more doors when big bass are the target. Think big bass for these upsized DieZel MinnowZ. During testing, the 5" version produced some solid bites from outsized largemouth, and the 7" model that will follow later this summer might just become the ultimate big bass swimbait. Rigging options for the 5" DieZel MinnowZ are virtually limitless, but the primary applications for this new swimbait will be as a ChatterBait trailer, rigged with an exposed hook for open water on a HeadlockZ jighead, or paired with the new ChinlockZ swimbait hooks for running through grass and pads.

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