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By now you have likely seen or heard of the new TRD BugZ and you probably thought to yourself "I need to get some of those to try when I Ned Rig". Let me tell you, if you are waiting to try out the TRD BugZ and haven't stocked up on any yet, you are missing out on a great fish catching bait. I have been experimenting with different methods of fishing the TRD BugZ and have been impressed with how many ways you can use it to catch fish.

The first way I fished the TRD BugZ was on the Pro ShroomZ jig head in the typical Ned Rig fashion. The bait and head combination cast very well, make a soft entry into the water, and have a great upright posture when at rest on the bottom. I found the TRD BugZ has a nice glide when it falls when paired with the lighter 1/10 oz size jig head. This subtle gliding action as the bait falls and upright position when at rest on the bottom has been fooling a lot of smallmouth and largemouth bass for me. Recently, while fishing for pressured bass, I out fished other parties sharing the boat with me when I was using the TRD BugZ and they were fishing their favorite traditional style "Ned Rig" bait. They still caught fish, but I was getting 2-3 more bites for every one bite they received.

I have also experimented with fishing the TRD BugZ on heavier ¼ and 1/3 oz Pro ShroomZ jig heads for deeper fishing depths or when the winds have made it too hard to fish the lighter jig heads. In trying the heavier jig heads, I found that the TRD BugZ will fall straight down and not glide as much. This has become an advantage for me and allowed me to present the bait to specific targets where I think the bass are hiding. I can cast the bait right to a specific rock pile, grass clump, dock pole, or stump and it will fall straight into the potential strike zone. Seeing this drove me to experiment with using a ¼ oz Pro ShroomZ Weedless head with the TRD BugZ and start fishing it into heavier cover like flooded brush and laydown trees. The results were impressive. While fishing a heavily pressured lake, I was able to present the weedless combination right into the heart of heavier cover and consistently get bites that larger offerings would not have generated. With this presentation I was able to go behind other fisherman and catch fish they were missing.

One other way I have been fishing the TRD BugZ is as a jig trailer. I have been putting the TRD BugZ on a 3/8 oz Cross EyeZ Power Finesse Jig and really like the combination. The TRD BugZ helps give some added weight to the jig for casting or pitching. It also helps manage the direction and the rate of fall with the Cross EyeZ Power Finesse jig. When rigged with a TRD BugZ, the jig drops straight to the target with just the right fall, not to fast, but not too slow. I also feel the action of the TRD BugZ as a jig trailer is just right for fishing clear waters or heavily pressured waters. The combination offers good action to attract the bass's attention, but not too much to deter the fish from biting.

I know I have not figured out all the great ways the TRD BugZ will be able to catch fish but it has already earned a place in my tackle box and will get called upon regularly to help me catch more fish. I am looking forward to discovering more ways to utilize the TRD BugZ and if you give them a try I know you will make it a permanent resident in your tacklebox as well.

Z-Man Ambassador

-Jeff Lugar

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