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JackHammer Secures the Win at Hobie BOS

On February 1-2, the Hobie Bass Open Series started off their season at Lake Seminole in GA. 125 of the top ranked kayak anglers in the country converged in Bainbridge, GA for a chance at winning $7,000. Pre-fishing for the event was incredibly difficult and many people could not put together repeatable patterns on the lake, and unfortunately I was one of those many people. Luckily, the tournament boundaries encompassed portions of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers which is where I chose to focus. I went to the Flint River North of Bainbridge in search of more predictable river fish. The Flint river was high and muddy which pushed fished into predictable pre spawn staging areas. I was able to find a really nice feeder creek pushing cleaner water into the river. At the mouth it was backed up and there was a well defined mud line with some sporadic grass growth in about 6-8 feet of water. I targeted that area with a 1/2oz Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer and quickly picked up a limit of fish. After I thoroughly disturbed that area, I made my way up river while skipping that same ChatterBait up against Cypress Tree roots in river eddys. I was able to fill three times doing this. The key part of using the ChatterBait JackHammer was how quickly the blade started vibrating upon retreive and the sound it produced in that stained water. The fish simply could not resist it. At the end of Day 1, I was sitting in the creek mouth where I started, trying to preserve the spot for Day 2. I was throwing a Z-Man BangStickZ on a 3/8oz Shakey Head Jig. I felt at least two solid bites that I didn't set the hook on in hopes that I could get those fish the next day. I was sitting in 2nd place and knew that with the small area I had, preserving those bites could be key. The last bite of the day was stubborn though. This particular fish picked up the bait, swam into the current out of the eddy, then back into the eddy. So I set the hook on it and it ended up being a solid cull.

On day 2,  the conditions changed. High sun and wind pushed the fish from where they were the day before. After getting a bite on that same JackHammer from Day 1 while picking out a backlash (professional overrun), it clicked for me that the fish were a little deeper in the water column. I switched up to a 3/4oz ChatterBait JackHammer in White with a White/Chartreuse trailer. I then started getting more consistent bites. The hook penetration with these two baits were absolutely amazing. Almost every bite I had resulted in the hook buried up to the bend. Having a bait that produced the same type of action in all the varying sizes was also integral! With 40 minutes left in the tournament day, I was able to land the biggest fish I caught all week, going almost 7lbs, while securing a victory! The ChatterBait JackHammer is and will be a staple in my tackle box forever! I'm certain there is no better ChatterBait variation made and I'd be comfortable in saying that it's the best bait in my and many other people's boxes of tools! Huge thank you to the folks at Z-Man for your dedication to providing Anglers with the best products on the market!

-Donald "Jake" Harshman
Tournament Kayak Angler

Instagram: pa.kayakbassin

Facebook: ps.kayakbassin

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