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Harness The Lightning For Cold-Water Bass

Ice off and the first hints of spring are happening across the Midwest. Bass fisherman are dusting off their jerkbaits, and big hungry pre-spawn bass will soon start to leave their winter haunts. In cold water, a favorite meal for bass are cold-stunned shad. They're an easy meal for a bass that isn't wanting to expend a lot of energy. It's no secret that a jerkbait is a great imitator of that tempting morsel, however, it is not the only approach you can take when you hit the water this Spring. 

Many anglers have discovered the effectiveness of the Ned Rig at all times of the year. Many colors of the Finesse TRD™  and Big TRD are great crawfish imitators, but studies show crawfish usually do not become active until water temperatures reach around 50 degrees. In this case entering an overlooked Z-Man color such as White Lightning can really can really igngnite your cold water fishing. 

White Lightning is a translucent white color with silver flakes, and it's a dynamite shad imitator when lethargic bass are looking for an easy meal. Anytime my jerkbait bite slows, I am also throwing the White Lightning Finesse TRD™ in the same areas. It's a deadly one-two punch.

How to Rig It
Rigging the Ned Rig is simple. Just thread it onto a Finesse ShroomZ™  jighead and go fishing. For the White Lightning at this time of year, your jighead choice can really make a big difference. Two details can turn an ok day into a stellar one.

1. Weight: Use as light a jighead as you can for the depth you're fishing. This is my general rule-of- thumb anytime, but it's especially critical for imitating a dying shad. A 1/20 ounce or 1/15 ounce at most is what I always use for this technique. You may get some bites with a heavier head, but slowing the fall down with a light jighead can multiply your bites.

2. Color: Red is the color to use here. It may seem like a minute detail, but over the years, a red Finesse ShroomZ jighead™ consistently gets more bites when I'm trying to imitate shad. There's a reason for this. If you ever see a shad floating that's succumbed to the winter cold, you'll see that its head often has a pinkish or reddish hue. I truly believe bass key on this.

Next time you're on the water twitching a jerkbait, be sure to rig up a White Lightning Finesse TRD to double your odds of hooking up with a big cold-water bass.

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