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Getting Your Chatter On


    Z-Man's ChatterBait is no doubt one of the best and most versatile baits on the market to catch fish with. At this year's 2018 Bassmaster Classic, the ChatterBait was the topic of anglers competing in the tournament. A shining moment at the tournament had to of been when Gerald Swindle stood up on stage and told Dave Mercer about throwing the ChatterBait and how good the bait performs on the water. He even added in humorous fashion, "I'm not even sponsored by them". That statement alone brings clarity to the fact that the ChatterBait remains a top contending jig.

    Most of us anglers, no matter where we live are faced with fishing high pressured water, regardless if it's a lake, reservoir, pond, or river. High pressured situations can still produce good fishing, but it may require the angler to change up his bait presentations. Selecting a ChatterBait is already a step in the right direction. The ChatterBait combines many key fish catching traits such as vibration, flash, and Jig body which are all hard for fish to resist. You can also really rev up your angling by throwing a ChatterBait the fish haven't been conditioned to. I feel conditioning of fish occurs at all heavily fished locations throughout the country. Fish get use to most run of the mill baits that anglers throw, so what I suggest is presenting the fish with a different offering.


   When your favorite ChatterBait is not catching them, it's time to reach into your bag of tricks and try something else such as changing the size of the ChatterBait you're throwing. Again, switch it up and offer the fish something a little different! I have caught some big fish on just downsizing my bait. The ChatterBait Micro is a great choice, especially for highly pressured waters. Also keep in mind, small lure selections in no way means small fish and fish are less conditioned to seeing them. If you choose you can also go in the opposite direction and add a large trailer to your ChatterBait. Don't be afraid to experiment with some funky colors and think outside of the norm!


    There is a full pallet of different ChatterBaits that you can add to your tackle box this season. Get a wide verity of color options and stock up on different size trailers to experiment with. Think like the fish and keep in mind the conditioning factor next time you are facing high pressured waters. Sometimes you need to go big or small and go home with a successful trip on the water!

Good Fishing and Keep It Reel,

Richie Moschella

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