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Fishing Big Seatrout on Z-Man ElaZtech

Those who know me or who have fished with me know that I have a special place in my heart for big seatrout. Don't get me wrong, I love redfish, but a trout over 6lbs is a special fish and much harder to fool than any redfish on plastics. I split time between Central Florida and Louisiana, my home waters of the Mosquito Lagoon and North Indian River consistently produce big trout and Z-Man's plastics are my go-to weapon.

This sunrise fish was fooled with a Scented Jerk ShadZ in Ralph's Shad color

Bait Color-

Seatrout are predators!! They sit and ambush. They focus mostly on baitfish. They are highly cannibalistic.....I'll explain with my color selections. If I could only fish 5 colors (hopefully that never happens) for trout I'd fish Pearl/Blueglimmer, Ralph's Shad, Sexy Mullet, Green Lantern, and my favorite is Goldrush! Why Goldrush? Well, I've caught more big trout with that color than any other. I believe that the Goldrush mimics the color of a baby seatrout and big seatrout love to eat their own. If you notice, all the colors that I have listed are in the baitfish color spectrum. Trout do eat shrimp and shrimpy colors, but the big trout feed almost entirely on finfish.

This is a true gator! Sightfished with a Goldrush MinnowZ!

Bait shape and fishing style-

There are two basic ways to target the big trout, either by sight fishing or blind casting and both methods require different bait styles. I fish the Jerk ShadZ, StreakZ, MinnowZ, Scented PaddlerZ, and DieZel MinnowZ mostly. When I'm fishing blind, I want to be able to cover the most amount of water as possible and the Jerk ShadZ are the heaviest and most aerodynamic baits in the bunch and the cast the furthest. Normally if we are forced to blind cast, it's either cloudy or windy, or both. The Jerk ShadZ can be worked relatively quickly and stays at correct depth in the water column. I fish pretty fast with aggressive bait movements, I feel that a hungry fish is triggered more by a fleeing bait than one that is moving slowly. If I'm sight fishing, I like to keep the bait high in the water column so I can see where it is in relationship to the fish. Generally, if you can see the fish, they are up in the water column. The MinnowZ, PaddlerZ, and DieZel MinnowZ are excellent choices while sight fishing due to their ease of use and excellent swimming motions. Keep the bait high with a steady retrieve 6-12" in front of the trout. They will do one of two things....eat or spook! Don't let it slide underneath them, they will spook almost 100% of the time. Seatrout feed up on the same depth that they are suspended in, very rarely down. Nothing excites me more than seeing that big-yellow mouth flare up!

One of my new favorites! The Pop ShadZ!!

I hope this little bit of knowledge helps you catch more quality trout on Z-Mans!

Capt. Scott MacCalla



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