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I recently returned from fishing the 2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open, held on the Harris Chain of lakes. I finished a respectable 20th out of 225 competitors. However, my tournament results are not the focus of what I want to share with you. What I do want to share with you is what I was reminded of when I started to reorganize my tackle and put things away that had become in disarray from multiple days of fishing.

While I put away the various ChatterBait Jack Hammers, packs of Mag FattyZ worms, DieZel MinnowZ and Grass KickerZ swimbaits, packs of Turbo CrawZ, the hooks, weights, and all the other small items that get put into tournament play, I was reminded of something. That reminder was just how durable the ElaZtech baits truly are and why I love to use Z-Man ElaZtech Plastics. Putting away and organizing my tackle after that tournament was the first chance I had to really take inventory of what I used during my seven days of practice and tournament fishing. As I counted baits used, I had to do a double take so to speak, I counted the baits used multiple times because I kept thinking I was missing something. I had to prove to myself that I used up exactly five ElaZtech baits in seven days of hard fishing.

Here is the count of the baits I consumed:

Mag FattyZ worms (Texas rigged) – two Plum colored, one for practice and one for the tournament

DieZel MinnowZ swimbaits (ChatterBait trailer) – one green pumpkin colored for practice and the tournament

Grass KickerZ swimbait (swimbait in grass) – one Houdini colored for practice and the tournament

Turbo CrawZ (ChatterBait trailer) – one Green Pumpkin colored for practice and the tournament

Before you scoff and say I didn't catch any fish on them, let me clarify I caught multiple fish on all the above baits mentioned. Some fish were caught in practice and some in the tournament, but all baits used caught multiple fish.

The fact that I was able to use so few baits in seven hard days of fishing was a benefit to me. The ability to use the baits for multiple fish meant I was able to spend my time fishing and not replacing baits. The durability of Z-Man's ElaZtech Plastic allowed me to carry more varieties and colors of baits but not have to carry so many packs of each to make sure I didn't run out of them. It also meant I was not out at tackle stores spending time locating more baits or having to spend a lot of money buying more baits. And above all the best benefit, I was catching fish.

If you want to be more efficient on the water, spend more time fishing, less time digging for baits, and keep your fishing expenses down, you need to start using more of the Z-Man Fishing Products ElaZtech Plastics. They truly do hold up well and will last for multiple fish.

-Jeff Lugar

Z-Man pro

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